Our story

Hi, I'm Natalie and a self-confessed tanning addict! I have been getting spray tans since I was 16 years old. With freckles, moles and pigmentation, I loved what a spray tan did to even out my skin tone.

I felt like I knew what as a customer from the experience and I wanted to give that back to other people and make them feel amazing. So in 2007, I trained to become a professional spray tan artist. I have used endless tans on the market over the years and found it so hard to find exactly what I was looking for. In 2019 I started developing my own tanning mousse and in 2020 it was finally ready it was a huge success so in 2021 Opretty went back to how we fell in love with tanning in the first place and created our Spray Tan formula!

we are so pleased to be teaching the world the opretty spray tan way with the amazing opretty tan to help you start your own business with a formula that you know people already love.

I am so excited and I can't wait to teach you all and share the Opretty glow.

Love Natalie x

Start your own business

Spray tanning is a popular and lucrative industry, a great upsell. Earn up to £25 an hour as a qualified therapist with the earning a potential of £1000 a week!!

Be your own boss

Are you looking for a new career or extra income? Spray tanning is an ideal trade to learn. Being able to work to your own schedule, whether than means full time, part time or on a casual basis. The best thing about it is that YOU decide.

Learn in your own time

We know just how hard it can be to fit everything in your day to day life before you even start thinking of time for yourself! Our course is designed so you can complete it at a pace that suits you, in your own time.

Customer feedback

"Had my first spray tan using the amazing opretty tan and i'm in love highly recommend, fantastic coverage no transfer no streaking and smells amazing